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⛓️ Fast & resilient blockchain calls

Written Nov 25, 2022.

As part of the Web 3 project I'm building, I needed reliable and fast RPC access to 10+ blockchains, parsing in realtime all the blocks 24/7.

The idea is to offer realtime, multi-chain monitoring:

demo alt0.io

I need to parse tx, logs and contract data for each block.

On some chains like Arbitrum there's ~ 10 blocks/s & ~200 tx/block.

That's a lot of requests, hitting the rate limit for public nodes and going well above the free plan on Alchemy, Infura & co.

I could've ran my own nodes, but I want flexibility to add more chains w/o server overheads.

So I built this meta provider for Ethers.js:


I feed it with a lot of rpc endpoints (via WebSocketProvider & JsonRpcBatchProvider).

Then it:

  • benchmark providers speed regularly
  • keep only the fastestt
  • split requests between them to prevent overload
  • handles rate-limiting and errors with smart retries
term screenshot

It handles my ~5k req/s beautifully.

Now I get:

  • ✅ Super fast queries
  • ✅ 0 data lost due to rate limiting
  • ✅ No need to run servers or pay $$ for dedicated nodes

That's how I do near-realtime block scanning on ~10 chains.

Other benefits of decentralising the providers:

  • you get more privacy as requests are split between node providers
  • resilience, if Alchemy goes down tomorrow the platform will run as if nothing happened.

Check it out if you ever run in limitations with public/shared RPC's or want to make your dapp more resilient.

Also, I added a 🐇 'parallel' mode when absolute speed is needed:

Instead of cycling through providers, it sends requests in parallel to the fastest ones and returns the first reply that comes back. (Tradeoff is higher network usage)