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🥦 The Curse of Healthiness

Written Aug 27, 2023. (This is a draft.)

The other day I got this theory: the "healthier" I get and the less chaos I introduce in my body, the weaker and less resistant to change I become.

A few examples:


Now that I've cut almost completely processed food out of my diet, eating 1 McDonald will make me feel terrible and dirty.

A few years before, I really didn't feel much difference between eating a salad and a dirty burger, as long as I ate enough to not feel hungry afterwards.


I've got many examples there, but just one:

Since the Airpods Pro were released, as my sleep is very light, I've been using them with ANC to fall back asleep in noisy environments.

After months (years) of getting used to sleeping with them, now when I don't have them I will be even more sensible to noises and will be much more intolerant to noise than before they existed.


I used to really hate exercising just for the sake of exercising. I still kinda do, but I changed my mindset to enjoy the fact that I hate it but still do it.

Now that I exercise almost daily, not exercising for a day or two will make me morally feel weird, my sleep will be worse, and I will feel less productive.


Am I still better now that I've implemented all those healthy routines? Of course. I feel better, happier, more productive, etc..

But I'm also weaker in some way and a part of me doesn't like that. My body really doesn't like disruption to routine. That makes it harder to go on adventures with friends, change environement, travel to countries with lower comfort standards, etc.

So every once in a while I will introduce some chaos into the routine.

Eat that meal full of carb. Sleep on that friend's couch with my back hurting in the morning. Go drinking with friends. Stay up late longer than usual. Travel on a bus. Just to remind my body.